Prof. T.A.Kadam

P.E.S. Polytechnic Engineering College,
Nagsenvan, Aurangabad, MH.

From The Principal's Desk

The People’s Education society (Mumbai) has its main objective to impart education. Our founder chairman, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, has devoted all has life for upliftment of masses and visualized that only the education can help them progress. He has mentioned about establishment of a Technical School, in his development plan, in the year 1945. We are happy to see had dram fulfilled with the establishment of a engineering college (1994) and the polytechnic (2010).We have developed an excellent infrastructure in the educational environment of Nagsen vana. The new polytechnic will have all state-of-art laboratories to provide up-to-date knowledge and hands-on experience to the students. The faculty members will develop those students to enter into the professional world with confidence.We assume the best academic results, excellent support for co curricular and extracurricular activities and active interaction with industries. Promotion for placement, entrepreneurial skills and higher studies, depending upon the aptitude and potential of the students, shall be our objective.We are sure that our students will shine in all competition exhibiting their social and moral values and intellectual strength. Teacher Students relationship on campus is very strong and the teachers take deep interest in overall development of the students. We welcome the youth for making an engineering career at our campus and march on the ethical patch of technological development !

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